18 January

Beware electricity!

Electricity is an important part of any public event. Especially if this event takes place outside in winter.

In December, we had several large projects with the task of providing power supply.

The main technical goals of these projects were a reliable uninterrupted power supply and the safe operation of electrical installations.

What our specialists do:

  • ⚡️calculation of consumer capacities, tracing of cable lines
  • ⚡️ calculation of the balance of the distribution of the load on the phases
  • ⚡️ complex power supply wiring systems, use of portable sockets and distribution boards
  • ⚡️application of enclosing structures, cable channels, overhead systems, taking cable routes out of the access zone for visitors of the event
  • ⚡️providing all necessary modern electrical safety conditions, carrying out electrophysical measurements after installation, control and preparation of a documentary technical report

Be careful when choosing a contractor for such projects, make sure that

  • ⚡️ the contractor observes all electrical safety standards
  • ⚡️ the contractor has only used approved equipment
  • ⚡️the installation personnel have the necessary electrical safety approval groups for this type of work


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