27 December

New Year’s online corporate

2020 forced all eventors to look for new ways to organize events. Is it possible to hold cool corporate events online? Yes! Here’s an example.

Project case from JG PRODUCTION

New Year’s online corporate

“ISsoft on air”

💥 More than 1300 viewers watched at the same time

💥 Unique content, costumes and art program specially created for this project

💥 Food boxes with treats and delivery to 4 countries of the world

💥 Teleconference Belarus-USA from the management to congratulate the team of the company

💥On Christmas Eve, the actors developed and staged a theatrical and musical performance in their “native language”.

It is important to note the technical aspect here. Overhead microphones were used to make everyone heard. At the same time, 16 people sounded live on the stage. We organized this for the first time!

💥 Performance by 2 groups: NIZKIZ, Intelligency

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